The complete suite to manage your samples
with the lightness of a cloud

KinCloud® is an evolution of the well-known GMC Press® and has been adopted by major fashion brands. This suite of latest-generation software products is a valid tool for managing the movements of samples. Fashion shows, bookings, article returns, post-sample sales, editorials: each collection can be tracked with one click, and the readily available information significantly reduces times and costs for greater competitiveness. KinCloud® is intuitive, user-friendly, modular and, as its name suggests, works in the cloud so that it is available on every type of device. It is an essential tool for all companies that present a sample collection.

Management of Sample Movements

The application is designed to allow the management of business activities relating to sample products.

GMC PRESS allows you to track and monitor the entire process: arrival of the articles in the showroom, sales campaign, management of press releases/editorials, archiving of valuable garments or sending of products to internal sales and/or family and friends, returning of goods to the supplier.

Personal orders and special promotions

For an impeccable management of internal staff orders, either from the sales campaign, or as a withdrawal from available stock. The optional use of personal budgets enables the software to effectively manage bookings, orders, erosion of budgets, goods collection and any returns.

In addition, a sophisticated mailing system always keeps the employee informed on the progress of the orders.

Internal sales - Family&Friends

The application enables the sale of duly selected products and provides both tax receipts and electronic sale receipts. Specific features and functions make it possible to vary the mark-up and discount percentages or to define fixed prices. The great flexibility of this application allows sales policies to be set at any classification level, down to the individual EAN. Sales can be made not only for individuals, but also for third-party companies. At the end of each day, the application creates specific lists that allow reconciling daily cash sales and petty cash, whether from electronic media, cash or cheques.

Launches, management and control of incentives

When you need a complete, easy and perfect management of incentives, promotions and sales campaigns. The application uses a variety of specifically designed features to effectively manage all your company’s incentive policies. The incentive algorithms are customised and can be defined at all levels, from the country to each individual store. In addition, they can be associated with groups of employees, individual employees and/or all product classifiers up to the individual EAN. It is also possible to manage top sellers with relative sales targets, as well as back-office staff. The system can also create special promotions that can be defined at any level.