A well-defined problem is already half solved.

OroConsulting’s decades of professional experience is at your disposal to perfectly combine technological potential with your production, organisational, management and commercial needs. However, to solve problems, meet needs, and optimise processes, you first need to know and analyse them: let’s talk about them, without any obligation. You can see for yourself how digital technology can turn ambitious visions into concrete solutions.

Support and training

We take care of your every need with the utmost competence and professionalism

Direct consultancy and assistance, from the creation to the implementation of management systems, we accompany the customer throughout the entire operational process. Training and support enhance the technological potential, meet every customisation need and enable smooth implementation.

Custom software development

We create tailor-made solutions for you and with you.

Artificial intelligence does not exist without human intelligence; technology is not worth much if it is not programmed and “educated” by creativity and professional experience. Analysts and programmers are at your disposal to listen, study and examine your every need. Only in this way can ideal solutions be created for you: customised software that is consistent and in line with your business processes.


A myriad of solutions for your needs and your business

Unique and innovative products are created to enable our customers to effectively manage their Samples, Personal Orders, Incentives, Internal Sales and Sales to Family and Friends. Many software packages are already available to you, but we are sure that you require specific projects and ad hoc solutions. Contact us: our mission is to provide clear and decisive answers.